About Child Protection Project

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Protecting the Human Rights of American Children

Child Protection Project is dedicated to raising awareness about institutionalized child abuse and to assisting the victims of this pattern of abuse.

Currently, the most egregious offenses against human rights in America are embodied in the institutionalized forms of child abuse carried out by religious separatist groups whose teachings are informed by those of the early Mormon church. The violence and violations of these largely polygamist groups shape the lives of approximately 100,000 individuals in the American west.

We advocate prosecution of polygamy and the secret crimes that often accompany it such as incest, wife and child abuse, forced and underage marriages, and welfare and tax fraud. Where educators, members of the clergy (whether trained clergy or lay clergy), lawmakers and law enforcement personnel are, themselves, engaged in these crimes or are complicit in ignoring or hiding the evidence of these crimes or preventing the prosecution of criminals, we advocate their removal from office and, if appropriate, prosecution.

We advocate education of the members of currently polygamous groups and descendants of earlier polygamous groups about the genetic dangers of the almost unprecedented practices of endogamous (within the family) polygamy. Begun as an animal husbandry practice to select for certain traits, early members of many of these polygamous groups began to apply the same practice to their own descendants, seeking to refine an Aryan race and "recreate" themselves or their favorite wives in offspring, by forcing siblings and half-siblings to intermarry, as well as arranging uncle/niece unions and repeated first cousin pairings. The price for this in human suffering and tax-subsidized healthcare is incalculably catastrophic.

We advocate holding institutions that promulgate these harmful practices as civilly and financially liable for the damages inflicted upon the victims of institutionalized abuse and forced inbreeding.

Under the leadership of escaped child bride and human rights advocate, Flora Jessop, her daughter, Shauna Sexton, and Linda Walker, a legal activist who is concerned about polygamist genetic convergance, Child Protection Project reaches out to children to offer an alternative to the life into which they were born.